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5 Quick & Easy Ways to Support Small Businesses this Holiday Season

When you support a small business, you are supporting a community. Small businesses allow for various community benefits, including easy access to products and services, personalized customer care, job growth, and sales tax generation. When you shop or dine locally, your dollars stay in the community and help local development. Moorpark currently has the lowest possible sales tax rate in California (7.25%). Of the sales tax you pay to Moorpark businesses, the City receives 1%. The rest goes to the State of California (6%) and the County of Ventura (0.25%). That means if you spend $20 in Moorpark and pay $1.45 in sales tax, you receive $0.20 in City services, $1.20 in State services, and $0.05 in County.

Here are five ways you can support Moorpark's nearly 700 commercially based businesses!

1. Shop & Dine at Small Businesses

Moorpark has numerous restaurants and retailers to choose from. Check out the Economic Development Division’s newly launched Instagram and Facebook social media account, @DiscoverMoorpark, to find Moorpark gems and the latest small business openings. Other platforms, such as Yelp, are a great way of discovering businesses too. Moorpark small businesses rely on residents and visitors to purchase their products and services; make sure you show your support!

2. Leave Positive Reviews

If you had a positive experience at a local small business, it is encouraged to leave a positive review on Yelp or Google! This allows other Moorpark residents and visitors to discover the business and read about your positive experiences.

3. Buy Gift Cards & Gifts

Looking to buy a gift for a friend or colleague? Consider purchasing a gift card from one of your favorite local businesses. This can be done for birthdays, employee recognitions, holidays, and special occasions!

4. Share Your Favorite Stores on Your Social Media Networks

Like, comment, and post about your favorite businesses on your social media networks. This will help raise awareness of local businesses and bring exposure to their accounts.

Bonus Tip: Use the hashtag #DiscoverMoorpark on your comments and posts as a chance to get your business or favorite business featured on our @DiscoverMoorpark Facebook or Instagram account!

5. Order Takeout or Delivery

Whether it be for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, consider ordering takeout or delivery from a local restaurant or eatery.

If you are a business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur, the City of Moorpark has an Economic Development Division dedicated to supporting your business! Follow @DiscoverMoorpark on Instagram or Facebook to receive the latest information on Moorpark business community updates, events, and resources. If your business is in need of support, please contact us to learn about the free resources available to Moorpark businesses.

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